Our Professional Team

Our team consists of specialists with many years' experience including:
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • IRS Enrolled Agents
  • Licensed Tax Preparers
  • Staff Accountants
We are experts in:
  • Quick Books
  • Excel Analytical Alternatives
  • Ratios and U.S. Statistical Data Comparisons
  • Budget Expectations vs. Actual Output

What We Can Do For You

We make that all important first impression to help ensure a positive outcome.

  • Interface with Auditors and Establish Professional Friendly Rapport and Trust
  • Conduct Field Audits
  • Stop Collection Processes
  • Request extension of time to provide missing documents
  • Meet Personally with IRS Auditor's Supervisor and change auditors
  • Organize Your Case; Establish Track Record
  • Prepare Unfiled and Past Due Tax Return; Bring You into Compliance
  • Establish Installment Payment Plan that Works for You
  • Reach the Best Possible Conclusion on Your Behalf; Make Offer-In-Compromise
  • Achieve Release of Portion of Garnishments for Necessary Expenses
  • Achieve Release of Federal IRS and FTB Tax Liens
  • Represent You Via Power of Attorney (so that No one can contact you directly)
  • File Protest and Request Collection Due Process or Equivalent Hearing
  • Tax Court Representation if Conclusion Not in Your Favor
  • Utilize Affiliated Attorneys if Needed

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