Our Track Record 💲peaks for Itself

The Abas Tax Team has over 40 years' experience in successful outcomes for our clients. Our goal is to provide service beyond your expectations. Here are a few highlights of our successful track record:

  • Expert Witness in Civil Defense Trial to provide reconstructive evidence to support spouse's position
  • Expert Forensic Witness in Civil Business Trial for bodily injury (due to a fall) to recoup lost wages, loss of future benefits, and claim for damages
  • Expert Witness in Criminal Trial regarding Department of Labor Allegations
  • Completed 3 year audit of a Professional Office with NO increase in tax liabilities
  • Completed audit of Service corporation with income of $4.7 million with NO adjustment in amount due
  • Completed FTB 8 year investigation of Underground Storage Tanks abating penalty of $29K
  • Completed Individual IRS audit for Gain on a Real Estate investment of $375K,with NO supporting documents, with No change
  • Completed IRS audit of Construction Corporation with income in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Changed the method of reporting and negotiated Offer-In-Compromise of only $29K
  • Completed audit of Money Laundering operation with 8 related entities; able to diminish criminal charges and reduce it to a civil audit
  • Completed 3 year SBE Sales Tax audit; obtained a $300/month installment payment plan for $12k obligation
  • Completed SBE Sales Tax audit of interstate sales tax of over $39 million; client paid $138K
  • Obtained release, via telephone call, of $18K of $25k garnished wages for necessary living expenses
  • Represented multiple employers and employees at the Labor Commission for unpaid wages, overtime disputes and related accusations
And many more….

References are available upon request

We 💲peak Your Language

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Don't take chances with your finances and tax responsibilities. Seek advice from the true experts.

The Abas Tax Team has more than 40 years' experience in handling financial and tax related issues for individuals and businesses alike.

Lead by Dr. Momtaz A. Abas, the Abas Tax Team will solve your tax problems and not merely add you to our Accounts Receivable List or monthly retainer.
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We do the work to your expectations. Our record speaks for itself, and we will gladly provide you with a list of references with similar circumstances upon request. With a Master's Degree in Taxes and a Ph.D. in Accounting, Dr. Abas can legitimately call himself the Real Tax Doctor.

Thank you for choosing the Abas Tax Team. Call us today at (323) 651-5800 or email us, for more information and to arrange a consultation to see how the Legitimate Tax Doctor and the Abas Tax Team can help you keep and grow your money.

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